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Performance Work

We will perform one or more of the following tasks whenever we do any motor work.
Each item is billed seperately. We can give estimates with the up front estimate fee
applied to your bill when you follow up with performance work to your bike.
( estimates can take from 1 - 2 hours )

Shop labor rate $/hr
Motor removal with body work $
Motor removal without body work (call for pricing on bikes with cradle style frames) $
Motor disassembly/reassemble and visual inspection $
Crank case split $
Cylinder head and cylinder remove/install $
Cylinder head removal and install $
Degree Cams $
2nd gear undercutting call for price
Undercut whole transmission (up shift only, for downshift call or email for price) call for price
CBR and transmission with 5 dogs $30.00 extra (shipping extra) call for price
Rod balancing $/rod
Rod strengthening (includes balancing) $/rod
Shot peening (lot charge)(required on strengthening) $
Balancing pistons (per piston) $
Balance in-line four crank $
Knife edge / balance crank

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